The buyer and seller communicate more directly! Wish new features sellers get quick

This update will help build trust between consumers and sellers , increase consumer confidence in shopping and improve the overall user experience.


After this update to take effect, European consumers by Wish application or create the appropriate site "user questions" to the seller asking questions, and the seller must be in a flat stage or through these questions API be answered .


Regarding some Q&A about this function , the platform also responded accordingly.


Types of "user problems" and corresponding problems


"User issues" are divided into pre-sales issues, after-sales user issues and after-sales customer service issues .


Among the pre-sales questions, the corresponding questions include: asking about product-related matters such as size, color, etc. and asking about general questions about the seller's shop .


The after-sales user problems include the issue of initiating an order return or refund , and submitting that the product in the order is defective, damaged or missing


In the after-sale customer service issues including five issues they are: Change the order product (size, color, etc.) remove a product from the order change the delivery address asking order status request tracking and delivery information .


And sellers need to note that at present, pre-sales questions and after-sales customer service questions are only applicable to European users Wish customer will bear responsibility for handling user outside Europe most of creation of "user problems" while European consumers require the seller to answer questions.


After-sales user issues are mainly handled by Wish customer service and will only be sent to the seller in a few cases These include part of the seller 's refund and refund applicable high-value orders .


So sellers view the open where the "problem users" do ?


Sellers can directly view "User Questions" in the navigation bar at the top of the merchant platform . But one thing to note is that "response time remaining" represents the remaining time for the seller to reply to the user's question .


Figure 1.png

(Picture source Wish e-commerce platform)


Sellers who fail to respond within 48 hours will be warned and even punished accordingly.


How the seller does it


For all three user question categories, sellers can view and reply to messages under the "User Questions" page. For pre-sales issues and after-sales customer service issues, the message will be sent directly to the seller The after-sales user issues are mainly handled by Wish customer service as mentioned above .


For the corresponding user questions, the seller can reply directly in the text box under the message area. In this regard, the platform strongly recommends that sellers use language drop-down menus and response templates to respond in the language of the user's country and region as much as possible The official response template can effectively improve response efficiency and clearly resolve user questions.


Figure 2.png

(Picture source Wish e-commerce platform)


If the seller does not know the language of the region, you can click the "View [Language]" button in the lower right corner of the user message window to view the user message in the language of the seller's country and region.


At the same time, if the seller wants to send photos when the problem is solved , they can click "Select File" to attach a picture.


For pre-sale customer service issues and problems, if sellers think that their responses have solved the problem, click on the "reply and solve the can respond and close the consumer issue.


To close the after-sales user issue, the seller needs to select the check box next to the product to be refunded, and then click the "Refund marked orders" button under the "Affected Products" section.


If the seller cannot solve the user's problem, you can click "Request Wish Customer Service Assistance" to apply for Wish customer service intervention.


How do sellers view user service performance indicators


Sellers with inquiry needs can go to the user service performance in the performance to view the user service performance indicators.


The indicators include user satisfaction (CSAT) and delayed response rate. CSAT scores higher than 85% and delayed response rates lower than 5% are normal. For after-sales user issues, if the seller fails to reply within 48 hours, it may cause Wish customer service to take over and solve the user problem.


It is worth noting that if the delayed response rate of the seller's store is very high (>45%) or the CSAT score is very low (<60%), it may cause the exposure of the account to be blocked or suspended .


Sellers who want to know more relevant information can check on the merchant platform.


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