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Years later, there is another wave of job hunting season. It is the golden period of job hunting called "Golden Three Silver Four". Many people get together during this time period to change jobs and look for jobs. Programmers are no exception.

Years later, there is another wave of job hunting season. It is the golden period of job hunting called "Golden Three Silver Four". Many people get together during this time period to change jobs and look for jobs. Programmers are no exception.

Just after the Spring Festival, all companies and enterprises have started their recruitment plans for the new year. The number of recruitment positions has doubled, and the number of job seekers far exceeds the number of positions. Especially for large factories, there will be better room for improvement in terms of salary, benefits, career development, and work experience. In the IT field, the pressure of competition cannot be underestimated. [Click here, Secret Blog Garden! 

One, RabbitMQ

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1. What are the usage scenarios of rabbitmq?

2. What are the important roles of rabbitmq?

3. What are the important components of rabbitmq?

4. What is the role of vhost in rabbitmq?

5. How are rabbitmq's messages sent?

6. How does rabbitmq guarantee the stability of the message?

7. How does rabbitmq avoid message loss?

8. What are the conditions to ensure the success of message persistence?

9. What are the disadvantages of rabbitmq persistence?

10. How many types of broadcasts does rabbitmq have?

11. How does rabbitmq implement delayed message queue?

12. What is the use of rabbitmq cluster?

13. What are the types of rabbitmq nodes?

14. What issues should be paid attention to when constructing rabbitmq cluster?

15. Is each node of rabbitmq a complete copy of other nodes? why?

16. What happens if the only disk node in the rabbitmq cluster crashes?

17. Does rabbitmq have any requirements for the stopping order of cluster nodes?

Two, Kafka
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18. Can kafka be used separately from zookeeper? why?

19. How many data retention strategies does Kafka have?

20. Kafka has set 7 days and 10G to clear data at the same time. By the fifth day, the message reached 10G. How will Kafka handle this?

21. What conditions will cause Kafka to run slower?

22. What should I pay attention to when using Kafka cluster?

Three, Zookeeper

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23. What is zookeeper?

24. What are the functions of zookeeper?

25. How many deployment modes does zookeeper have?

26. How does zookeeper ensure the synchronization of the master and slave nodes?

27. Why is there a master node in the cluster?

28. There are 3 servers in the cluster, and one of the nodes is down. Can zookeeper still be used at this time?

29. Tell me about the notification mechanism of zookeeper?

Four, MySql

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30. What are the three paradigms of the database?

31. There are a total of 7 pieces of data in an auto-increment table, the last 2 pieces of data are deleted, the mysql database is restarted, and another piece of data is inserted. What is the id at this time?

32. How to get the current database version?

33. What is ACID?

34. What is the difference between char and varchar?

35. What is the difference between float and double?

36. What is the difference between inner connection, left connection and right connection in mysql?

37. How is the mysql index implemented?

38. How to verify whether the mysql index meets the requirements?

39. Talk about the transaction isolation of the database?

40. Tell me about the engines commonly used in mysql?

41. Talk about the row lock and table lock of mysql?

42. Talk about optimistic locking and pessimistic locking?

43. What are the methods for mysql troubleshooting?

44. How to optimize the performance of mysql?

Five, Redis

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45. What is redis? What are the usage scenarios?

46. ​​What are the functions of redis?

47. What is the difference between redis and memecache?

48. Why is redis single-threaded?

49. What is cache penetration? How to deal with it?

50. What data types does redis support?

51. What are the java clients supported by redis?

52. What is the difference between jedis and redisson?

53. How to ensure the consistency of cache and database data?

54. How many ways are there for redis persistence?

55. How does redis implement distributed locks?

56. What are the defects of redis distributed lock?

57. How does redis optimize memory?

58. What are the redis elimination strategies?

59. What are the common performance problems of redis? How to solve it?

Six, JVM

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60. Tell me about the main components of jvm? And its role?

61. Talk about the jvm runtime data area?

62. Tell me about the difference between stacks?

63. What are queues and stacks? What's the difference?

64. What is the parent delegation model?

65. Talk about the execution process of class loading?

66. How to judge whether the object can be recycled?

67. What are the reference types in java?

68. Tell me about what garbage collection algorithms does jvm have?

69. What garbage collectors does jvm have?

70. Tell me more about the CMS garbage collector?

71. What are the new generation garbage collectors and the old generation garbage collectors? What's the difference?

72. Briefly describe how the generational garbage collector works?

73. Tell me about the tools of jvm tuning?

74. What are the commonly used jvm tuning parameters?
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