Attention! Amazon European bicycle accessories sales commission will be reduced

Attention!  Amazon European bicycle accessories sales commission will be reduced

On February 22, Amazon Europe announced a platform announcement that it will lower the sales commission for bicycle accessories. For this purpose, the platform has created a new category called "Bicycle Accessories", and will reduce the sales commission for goods sold under this category.

Starting from April 1, 2021, sales commissions for all Amazon stores in the UK and Europe will be reduced from 15% of the previous total sales to 8%. The total sales price includes the price paid by the buyer, including the price of the product and all shipping or gift packaging fees. It is worth noting that the 2% digital service tax for UK malls and the 3% digital service tax for French, Italian and Spanish malls are not included.

Its platform "Bicycle Accessories" category contains the following product types:

·Bicycle backpacks, bicycle bags and bags

·Bicycle Bell

·Bicycle Cover

·Bicycle lock (cable lock/chain lock/code lock/folding lock/bracket lock)

·Bicycle rearview mirror

·Bike Air Pump

·Bicycle frame and support

·Bicycle training platform



·Lighting parts and accessories

·Quick release lever

·Rim Belt

·Cushion cover

·Auxiliary wheel

·Valve cap

Source: Amazon announcement


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