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Affected by the global epidemic this year, the cross-border e-commerce industry suddenly ushered in explosive growth. As of today, the total market value of Amazon in the United States has reached 1.56 trillion US dollars. Many small partners have started entrepreneurship around Amazon. One of the most popular related services is the Amazon self-support account evaluation service. Its low threshold, small investment, and high profit have been favored by many entrepreneurs.

Amazon's evaluation said that the threshold is low, but there is a huge information gap in it. After all, it is a cross-border project, involving the construction of Amazon's evaluation system, self-supporting account software, foreign currency payment, and multilingual translation. Today, I will focus on revealing to you how the Amazon Autonomous Account Evaluation System is built, and what software and resources will be used.

What resources are needed for Amazon's evaluation of self-support project?

1. Number maintenance system and software

2. Proxy IP resources

3. Receiving address and registration information

4. Foreign currency credit cards and gift cards

5. Email and mobile phone number

If you want to do this project well, none of the above resources are indispensable.

First of all, let's talk about the environment for raising accounts. The environment for raising accounts has also been mentioned in the previous article. There are many solutions. We have used virtual machines, VPS, including cloud phones, and mobile phone hard change solutions. But they were all eliminated by us for several reasons. The most important is safety, the cost of the environment and the efficiency of operation. Why not use the above scheme, as mentioned in the previous article, so I won’t repeat it. The current high-efficiency and safe environment basically achieves a probability of over 95%. Of course, as for the account failure, the environment for maintaining an account is very important, but it is not the only one, because there are some skills, payment methods, proxy IP resources, etc. for maintaining an account. Due to the length of the discussion later.

The second is the resource of proxy IP. Everyone knows that there are many forms of proxy IP on the market, including static, dynamic, computer room IP, and residential IP. Many IPs on the market are of low quality, and there are many IPs that are reused or blacklisted. It is recommended to use European and American dedicated line dynamic high-quality IP for new account opening, and static residential IP for account maintenance is still possible. IP resources are also one of the key factors for account maintenance. One.

The second is the delivery address and registration information. These resources are relatively easy to obtain, and the price is not expensive. There are special people who sell these resources, and all countries have them. It is best to use a tax-free address for Amazon in the United States. After all, many states in the United States have a consumption tax. The seller does not bear the consumption tax, but is borne by the buyer. European countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany are not involved in this consumption tax issue, but we must ensure that the receiving address is real. If the address is fabricated, it may cause no one to receive the goods at the address, causing the return of the goods to change the address and re-order It will delay some time. There are also some real-person addresses that can help with services such as receiving mail and taking photos and videos, but this kind of price is relatively more expensive, and you need to get in touch with the recipient to urge the other party to help with taking pictures and videos. This is a relative use. If you have friends or relatives in the other’s country, it’s best. The other side can get the goods for free and help you do the tasks.

Next, let’s talk about payment. We all know that Amazon has only two payment methods, one is a credit card and the other is a gift card. Both payment methods are required. Because of the relevant rules of the Amazon platform, for example, Amazon in the United States needs to spend $50 with a credit card to open the permission to leave a review, Amazon in the UK is £40, and Amazon in Germany is 50 euros. Credit cards generally use foreign virtual credit cards. Many platforms can open unlimited sub-cards and recharge each sub-card. Each card corresponds to an Amazon account. When choosing a virtual card, everyone should try to choose a card that can modify the billing address, because Amazon's risk control is mainly to review and check the bill, which is significantly closer to real users.

Gift cards have many resources and are relatively cheap. They are also the main source of profit for many teams doing Amazon evaluations. For example, on a certain treasure, a gift card of $100 can be bought for more than 400 yuan. In this way, there is a difference in the exchange rate, and the exchange rate difference of the gift card may be more than the estimated commission. Of course, there are many types of gift cards, such as physical cards and electronic cards. We try our best to choose cards with physical cards and photos of purchase receipts, which are relatively safer than electronic cards (electronic cards have only one recharge code). There are more cases of black cards.

The last is the email address and mobile phone number that you need to register. Many foreign e-commerce platforms do not require real-name authentication. As long as you have an email address, you can register. Occasionally, you will use your mobile phone number to receive a verification code. Emails are not recommended to register manually. Some registered emails are sold for 1-2 yuan per email. Use your limited life for valuable things. Be sure to test it before buying a mailbox to ensure that the mailbox can send and receive mail normally. Amazon's verification of mobile phone numbers is random. If verification is needed, we can use the code receiving platform to solve it. There are platforms at home and abroad that can receive the verification code of Amazon countries. It should be noted that the code must be registered after successful registration. Delete the mobile phone number in the background, because the mobile phone number of the receiving platform is temporary, and the mobile phone number cannot be verified again when you log in next time, and the number will be invalid if the code is not received.

Of course, there are a lot of details and skills in the Amazon evaluation. I won't tell you too much about the length of the evaluation. I wish you all the smoother and smoother cross-border journey. If you have any questions, please click below to consult.


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