3-0! Juventus rose to third in Serie A! Cristiano Ronaldo kicked mad, set 4 big records overnight, and thrown away Messi

At 3:45 on February 23, Beijing time, the 23rd round of the Serie A season ushered in the final match. Juventus beat Crotone 3-0 at home and faced this opponent for 15 consecutive years. Remain undefeated, while the points reached 45 points, surpassed Lazio, Atlanta, Rome, rose to third, one round less than 8 points from the top, there is still hope for the championship. Among them, Ronaldo ushered in a big explosion, staged a brace twice.

This season, Juventus faced a huge challenge from the Milan duo on the way to defend the Serie A. Now after Inter defeated Milan, Juventus was thrown off by Inter Milan by 11 points in the second round. In addition, Roma, Atlanta and Lazio all beat Juventus in the rankings. The third to fifth, so Juventus can not lose the chain.

Fortunately, Juventus’ opponents were the team with the worst record in Serie A this season. Crotone scored only 12 points in the 22nd round and was firmly at the bottom, basically locking in a relegation spot.

The two teams have only met 7 times in the past, of which Juventus scored 5 wins and 2 draws. The last 2 encounters were all draws, and the winning scores included 5-0, 3-0, 2-0 and so on.

Juventus, which is far superior to its opponents, completely controlled the situation at the beginning. In the 18th minute, Ramsey missed a shot from the penalty area and missed the opportunity. In the 28th minute, Chiesa made a pass from the right in the penalty area, and Ronaldo missed the goal by outflanking the goal, which was also a missed opportunity.

In the 38th minute, Juventus finally broke the deadlock, Sandro made the first pass, C Ronaldo scored a header in front of the goal, 1-0 lead. This is Ronaldo's 17th goal in Serie A this season, tying Lukaku, and the two are tied for the top scorer list, and also broke the scoring drought in 3 consecutive games.

In the stoppage time of the first half, Ronaldo’s long shot from outside the penalty area was saved, Ramsey inserted into the penalty area and sent a pass. Ronaldo outflanked a domineering header and scored the goal to help Juventus lead 2-0. In just 10 minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice, surpassing Lukaku with 18 goals, leading the Serie A scorer list alone, and also throwing away Messi who scored 16 goals.

In the second half, Juventus continued to besiege Crotone's defense. In the 63rd minute, Ronaldo fell into the penalty area, and the referee did not say. In the 66th minute, McKenney scored a volley in the penalty area to help Juventus secure the victory 3-0.

After winning, Juventus scored 45 points, surpassing Lazio and Atlanta with 43 points, and Roma with 44 points. They rose from sixth to third, and they still missed one round. At the same time, Juventus missed one round of distance. The top spot is still 8 points.

Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly Juventus's top contributor to this game, and a brace made the Portuguese superstar set 4 consecutive records overnight.

First, the first goal of Crotone's goal was the 78th team that Cristiano Ronaldo has broken in the five major European leagues. Since 2000, only Ibrahimovic has more than Cristiano Ronaldo (79).

Second, to break the goals of all Serie A teams this season, and Crotone is the 22nd Serie A team scored by Ronaldo.

Third, refresh the history of football goals, Cristiano Ronaldo scored 767 goals, continue to rank among active players, and the first in history.

Fourth, achieve 25+ goals in 14 consecutive seasons.Return to Sohu to see more


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